Best Affordable Holiday Destinations In India

Best Affordable Holiday Destinations In India

Best Affordable Holiday Destinations In India

If you are living out of India or within the country and planning to have a special time in this country, you can make use of the web to find best affordable holiday destinations in India. You can easily discover various affordable as well as fun-filled tours to India or honeymoon trips to India packages on the internet. If you want to spend your special time in a serene and calm environment, you need to find best affordable holiday destinations in India.

Do you love digging into the serenity of woodlands and revealing the mysteries concealed in the natural caves but also frightened to make big payments for the exciting activity? We all wish to enjoy a special tour to the country of dreams, India but don’t want to hit our bank balance. Fortunately, here are some top notch tourist destinations that you can visit with your loving family members and pals to have fun and relax from the hectic daily routines without hitting your bank balances.  Some of the cheap holiday destinations in India are as follows –

Best Adventure Holiday Destinations In India

Below are the 8 best affordable holiday destinations in India


Perfect duration of stay: 2 Nights/3 Days

Total expenditure for staying here -:

Per Night Stay-: Rs 250 to Rs 700

Food – Rs 200 per meal

Alleppey, which is also called as the Venice of the East, is renowned for the blossoming arenas, emerald ponds, and the sparkling watercourses. It is the top notch spot to enjoy in the fantastic and all time favourite houseboats. You can also get pleasure from the appetizing coconut-laced special seafood.


Best duration – 2 Nights and 3 Days

Total expenditure for staying at this mesmerizing place –

Chennai to Ooty through bus – Rs 1450 per person

Stay – Begins at Rs 310

Food – Starts at as low as Rs 50 for 2 people

In Ooty, there is a long list of destinations which offers a panoramic view of natural beauty. In place like Ooty, you will feel yourself very close to Mother Nature. The entire location is very beautiful and completely surrounded by lush green mountains, striking botanical gardens, Rose garden, lush hills, historical structures, tea farms and certainly, specially made chocolates.

Meghalaya –

Perfect stay- 2 Nights and 3 Days

Total expenditure-

Cost of traveling from Guwahati to Shillong by bus- Rs 65 to Rs 210 per person

Expense during night stay- Rs 600 per night

Food – Have to spend Rs 60 per meal

This is a place which is considered among the best honeymoon as well as enjoyment spots in India. All the places, hotels are superb and you will really enjoy your special days with complete grace. There are many beautiful and elegant eco-lodges that can be explored. It is the ideal location for honeymoon couples or people who are looking for some peaceful time in the vicinity of nature. You will witness “natural” living bridge circuits formed from roots of primeval trees, get nicely drenched in globe’s wettest spot, Cherrapunjee, or even get up early for some tangy and lavish local feast.


Special Boat rides in the Ganges are accessible from this spiritual place.

Ideal period to stay- 2 Nights & 3 Days

Total cost –

National capital to Varanasi and back through train- Rs 652

Stay expenses- Rs 200 to Rs 250 per night

Food– Enjoy special street food that begins @ Rs 30 for 2 people

Enjoy local food- @ Rs 150 for 2 people

Get pleasure from Boat ride- Rs 250 per hour

An enlightening place, Banaras or Varanasi, is located on the banks of holy River Ganges. At this exciting place, the Ganga ghats are special features to make the most of the edifying flavor of the country. So enjoy the boat ride and take in the most astonishing sights from laundry to sacred rituals. Do not miss the chance to enjoy special Banarasi thandai as well as paan.

Udaipur –

Perfect duration – 2 Nights& 3 Days

Delhi to Udaipur by bus – Rs 700

Staying expenses– Begins @ Rs 400 per night for shared halls

Eateries- Street food is a must try @ Rs 50 per individual

The ‘City of Lakes’ is one of the special as well as well known places in the country. Once you are done gazing at the superb forts and emerald lakes, look at some exceptional vehicles at the Vintage car repositories. Enjoy the appetizing dal, batti, jaelbi, pyaz kachori, churma and other special foods on the way.

Nainital –

Perfect duration to stay here – 2 Nights & 3 Days

Total expenses-

State transport buses, national capital to Nainital and back – Rs 368

Private bus to Nainital and back- Rs 800

Stay- Budget stay begins @Rs 150 per night.

Food– Enjoy special Punjabi snacks around, foodstuff can begin @Rs 200 for 2 people

Enjoy boating- @ Rs 150 on an hourly basis

There are many people who always wish to go on their dream vacation and if you are also planning to explore the same then consider giving Nainital a try. Nainital is the main attraction among all. It is also popular due to its beauty as well as historical significance. It is really one of those dream destinations that one must explore.

Kanyakumari –

Perfect stay – 2 Nights & 3 Days

Bus charge from Trivandrum to the city of Kanyakumari and back – Rs 500

Single time train charge- Rs 180

Staying expenses- Rs 800 per night

Single meal can be enjoyed @ Rs 200

This is one of the most amazing, beautiful and exotic location on earth that has got those serene natural beauty. The meeting of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, has turned it an ideal place for all! There are a number of must-see places like Vivekanand Rock Memorial and the splendid sunrise as well as sunset times.

Dharamsala And McLeodganj –

Ideal duration: 2 Nights/3 Days

What it will cost you:

National capital to McLeodganj and back @ Rs 1000

Staying cost- Rs 130 to Rs 500 per night

Enjoy Tibetan as well as Chinese food @ Rs 100 – 200 for 2 people

Dharamshala is located in Himachal Pradesh and is a popular place among the tourists as well as honeymooners. The weather conditions of this place are ideal for tourism. McLeodganj is one of the fascinating parts of Indian beauty to enjoy the special time. Here, you will get plenty of amazing activities to choose from.