8 Hill Stations In Kerala You Need To Know About

8 Hill Stations In Kerala

8 Hill Stations In Kerala You Need To Know About

Hill Stations in Kerala are one of the most popular destinations in South India. Kerala had plenty of famous hill stations that are known for its beauty and nature. These hill stations have plenty attractions surrounding them with Wildlife Sanctuaries, Parks, Waterfalls, Tea and Coffee plantations, rivers, and lakes. All of these hill stations are located in the Western Ghats, and many of these places are easy to travel. With good planning and preparation, tourists could cover all of these hill stations easily. These hill stations are mainly connected by roads, and it is the best preferred transportation.

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Munnar is the first name that one remembers when they talk about the tourist destinations of Kerala. The destination is so famous as it had most of the features one expect from a hill station. At an elevation of 1600 meters and had the tallest mountain with 2700 meters near to it. These high hills surrounding it lead to having rivers flowing, good for trekking, waterfalls, low temperatures, lakes, and beauty. All of the Munnar had vast acres of tea plantations, and trees making the whole place green. Munnar is mostly visited during the months of March to May and is connected by roads with good transportation and infrastructure. The hill station had plenty of other places to visit like Sanctuary, National Park, Dams, and much more to spend your time. Major sightseeing in Munnar are Mattupetty Dam, Echo Point, Kundala Lake, Daivikulam falls and Eravikulam National Park. It is also an excellent destination for honeymoon.


Thekkady is a famous hill station in Kerala mostly known for its wildlife which people can view from a distance easily. It had many places to visit and relive yourself with beautiful lakes, a variety of birds, and streams of water. The most famous place of all in the hill station is Periyar wildlife sanctuary which is named after the Periyar river nearby. The sanctuary had plenty of wildlife from Tigers, Elephants, Boars, Wild Dogs, a variety of Deer, Macaques, bears, migratory birds and much more. Tourists can watch the animals from a distance on a boat. The park also provides rides on elephants, jeep safari, boating and forest treks. If you like to view wildlife from close quarters, then Thekkady is one best place to visit.


Kalpetta in Wayanad district is another famous hill station in Kerala with pleasant weather and tourist attractions. It had many waterfalls, dams, lakes, sanctuaries, peaks, and temples to visit. Most famous destinations to visit in Wayanad District are Meenmutty, and Soochipara waterfalls, Pookote Lake, Banasura falls, Brahmagiri, Chembra peaks, Thirunelly Temple. The climate is almost pleasant throughout the year with rainfall mainly during the months of June to November. Nearest major towns are Kozhikode, and Kannur and connected by roads with Nearest Airport and Railway Station in Kozhikode. Kalpetta is also having many museums and research facilities.


Ponumudi located in the Western Ghats of Kerala like any hill station it is also famous for its nature, sanctuaries, wildlife and streams. The place is just 56 km away from Trivandrum City and connected by Road with nearest Railway Station and Airport in Trivandrum. Most famous sightseeing’s in Ponumudi are Kallar and Menmutty falls, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Koyikkal Palace, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Priyadarshini Planetarium, Zoological Park, Kovalam Beach, and much more. Ponumdi is also having excellent wildlife to see and trekking and hiking trails. The climate in the hill station is pleasant throughout the year making it a good place to visit at any time and enjoy its natural beauty.


Vagamon is a good tourist destination to visit in Kerala and is also surrounded by famous places like Thekkady, Peermade making it easy to visit. The place is first discovered by British when searching for locations for tea plantations. And also listed by National Geographic Traveler as one of the “50 Most Attractive Places in India”. Vagamon had scenic valleys, meadows, tea plantations, waterfalls, and trekking. It is connected by a state highway making it easy for traveling and nearest towns are kottamala, Thodupuzha, and Erattupetta. Overall it is a place to visit when you are nearby or should be included in the package.


Paithalmala also known as Vaithalmala is a hill station in the district of Kannur and is located 1400m above the sea level. Popularity for the hill station is increasing every day and more photographers, trekkers, and nature loving people are visiting the place. It is connected by road, and nearest railway station and airport are in Kannur. The place is mostly famous for trekking and photographers and the best time to visit the place is between Jan and March. The climate in Paithalmala is actually bit harsh in summer even though it is a hill station. So it not for the people who are wishing to relive themselves from the hot


With vast acres of tea, coffee and spice plantations Peermedu is a small hill station present in the Western Ghats of India. Above 900meters from the sea level, Peermedu had a lot of natural attractions to visit. It is also very near to the Thekkady hill station which is famous as mentioned above. The best time to visit is during the months of April to September and is accessible by road from the nearest railway station in Kottayam. It is best to visit the place along with the nearby attractions and hill stations otherwise you may feel the destination as a small one.


Malampuzha located in Palakkad district of Kerala is best hill station in Kerala for a Family. It had many attractions and amusement parks that will attract children. The nearest railway station is Palakkad Junction just 7 KM away. It actually a reservoir which had been changed to a tourist attraction over the years. The main attractions in the hill station are Malampuzha Dam, Entrance Garden, Japanese Garden, Cable Car Ride, Fish Shaped Aquarium, Fantasy and Chess Parks.
We could have included plenty of other hill stations that are present in the ranges of Kerala, but these 8 are best ones to visit. We have chosen these because these hill stations have plenty of other attractions to visit and doesn’t make you feel bored.