Himachal Tourism Best Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh Best Time to Visit

Himachal Tourism

Himachal Tourism Best Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh Best Time to Visit

Himachal Pradesh is known for its temples and mountain ranges. The capital of Himachal is “Shimla” which is popularly known as “queen of hills”. 
The state has an elevation of 350-7000 meters above sea level. It shares the border with four Indian States of J&K, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttrakhand. There is also an international border with Tibet.
The capital city “Shimla” is also the largest and most developed city in Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is also a popular place for bodh followers.
The main languages spoken in Himachal are Hindi and Pahari with several regional dialects. Although everyone in the state understands Hindi they sometimes prefer speaking pahadi or their regional dialect.
Himachal is quite famous for its handicrafts items. The pashmina shawl and Himachal cap are also quite popular. The handicrafts of Himachal have got several recognitions on the national level.
The music and dance of Himachal signify its strong culture. Some popular dance forms are dulshol, natti, drodi and dev naritya.
There are many big fairs in the state like Kullu dusshera, shivratri fair, shoolini fair and some other. The Kullu dusshera is very popular all across the country and people visit here every year.
The traditions of Himachal Pradesh have a pahadi touch to it.
The food of Himachal Pradesh is also very good and it is quite similar to the rest of north Indian food from other adjoining states.
The non-vegetarian food is more popular in the state than the vegetarian food. There are various non-vegetarian cuisines of Himachal Pradesh which are famous like pahadi chicken.
The state predominantly has the hindu population with other religions like Sikhism and Buddhism in small number. The main source of income for the people of the state is agriculture and tourism. 
The tourism in Himachal Pradesh has flourished in the past years.
The climate of Himachal in the hilly region is extremely cold in winter and moderate warm in summers.
According to a survey taken in the year 2011 by a daily newspaper in India, it is surprising to know that India is the 5th most vacation deprived country in the world. An average Indian does not use even one fifth of the total paid days off allocated to him or her.
There might be hundreds of reasons for not utilizing our holiday but with so much of scenic beauty in India, it is hard to not plan for a wonderful vacation and enjoy our vacation with our family.

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Baddi is an industrial town located in southwestern Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located in the foothills of Shivalik Hills is only 40 km away from Chandigarh.
Baddi is emerging as the most important pharmaceutical towns with many important pharmaceutical companies having their industries here at Baddi.
The Mittian Temple situated near Nalagarh is one of the most important places of Baddi. This temple was built by Nalagarh rulers.

Manali –

The total distance between Delhi and Manali is about 540 Km and the distance can be covered in 11 hours. Manali is a beautiful town of hilly Himachal Pradesh and it has many interesting places to visit.
Manali is preferred by many because it offers them to enjoy the scenic beauty during their journey. Manali has many important places like Hidimba Devi Temple, Pin Valley National Park, Great Himalayan National Park, Rohtang Valley, Solan Pass etc.

Shimla –

Shimla is located about 2,205 km above the sea level and is well-connected to Delhi by road and also by trains and air. The places covered in between Delhi and Shimla are Transport Nagar, Panipat, Karnal, Pipli, Ambala, Panchkula, Kolka, Dharapur. There are many rest dhabas, restaurants and motels on the route.
There are several places of interest in Shimla that riders would enjoy during their trips. Christ Church, the second oldest church in north India, the Mall, the shopping center of Shimla, the Gaiety theater, the Jakhu Hill, the highest point in Shimla, Summer Hill etc. are some of the places tourists would enjoy during their journey to Shimla. Amazing hill station shimla

Chamba –

A calm place, Chamba is positioned in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This is amongst the popular places while preparing weekend holidays. It showcases the natural charm in addition to calm ambiance to spend important time with pals and family members. If you are trying to find attractive places as seen in movies, then it is the ideal place to show up.

Kullu –

If you plan to enjoy your vacation in a place where the buzz word is peace and tranquility and you want to be as close to nature as you can then the best place to go is Kullu. You can make the most of your special time enjoying wonderful tourist destinations at this place.

Dalhousie –

Dalhousie is housed in Chamba District and has been attracting the visitors it’s a magnificent building, comfortable staying, attractive natural beauty and serene lifestyle.
Any couple who is going to visit here will get mesmerized with the amazing ambiance and appealing natural beauty of Dalhousie.
The clean river water, refreshing air and pleasing atmosphere of Dalhousie is ever ready to welcome the couples for their romantic days of seclusion.

Dharamshala –

Dharamshala is located in Himachal Pradesh and is a popular place among the tourists. It has also become a major attraction among honeymooners.

Parvati Valley –

Parvati Valley is one of the most astonishing and gorgeous tourist spots located in Northern India in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
It begins from Bhuntar next to Kullu and goes all the way to spiti valley. There are a lot of appealing and stunning tourist places, which can be enjoyed.

Manikaran Sahib –

This is one of the holiest places in Himachal Pradesh as this place was said to be visited by Lord Shiva and First Sikh Guru Sri Nanak Dev Ji.
There are wonderful hot water springs, which you can enjoy and you can also luxuriate into different water-based sports such as water rafting.

Kasol –

This is the first major tourist spot when you make entry to the Parvati valley. It is also named as ‘mini-Israel’ as there are many young Israelis who visit this place each year.
The Parvati River flows and it is a very beautiful scene. You can have a different kind of cuisines at this place, starting from Indian cuisine to Israel’s cuisine.

Khajjiar –

Let us look at one of the most exotic, serene and beautiful holiday destination which is at the very heart of nature. In short, let us look at the option of going to Khajjiar in Himachal.
Khajjiar in Himachal means on the lap of Himalayas. And it is true to its name as it is on the footholds of the great Himalayas.
Surrounded by beautiful mountains this place is nature’s one of many wonders in its own rights.

Himachal Weather Throughout The Year

The weather conditions of this place are ideal for tourism. Himachal Pradesh has a cool weather in all months of a year and you can visit the place anytime but the ideal time to visit this serene place is during months of

September to June.

If you are planning to visit Himachal then it is necessary that you should have the knowledge of weather conditions of Himachal. Here is a brief overview of different weathers of the most popular place in the world.

Winter Season

The winter season in the state falls between the months of December and February and the temperature goes down to -1 degree Celsius. January is an ideal time for the honeymooners to visit the place since they can enjoy the snowfall however you have to take care of extra requirements.

Summer season:

This season is perfect for the individuals who visit the amazing place for trekking. During this season the temperature varies from 22 degree Celsius to 38 degree Celsius. Moreover, it is the best time to visit the place since you do not have to face any closed roads due to land sliding or snowfall. Must visit summer destinations in india


This season follows from July to September along with heavy rain falls. In the months of July and August there are heavy rain falls and therefore is avoided by tourists. However, in the mid-September, the rain falls stop.
This season is ideal for sightseeing as well as for the adventure activities and follows from mid-September to November.

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By Air

There are three airports in the state and all are domestic. Bhuntar, Gaggal and Shimla airports have some flights which connect Delhi to Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Tourism also provide the

By Road

The road transport is comparatively more preferred in the state and there are many regular buses from Delhi to all the major cities in Himachal Pradesh. 
There are many luxury buses running frequently for your better comfort. you can book the bus ticket from Himachal Tourism website

By Rail

The railway network in the state is small. But there is one special train which is also a world heritage site and this train goes from Kalka to Shimla.
This train is narrow gauge train and it was made in British Era. Then there are two other train routes in the state which enter from Una and Kangra.
There are some major trains which connect the state to large cities like Delhi.