Jammu and Kashmir Tourism – Best Tourist Places and Time to Visit

The label of “Heaven of Earth” is truly justified by Jammu and Kashmir. When you may pay a visit to the location you may yourself acknowledge that the place really is a heaven. Although, no one knows what heaven looks like it is possible that it could be very similar to Kashmir. The rich culture of Jammu and Kashmir makes the place even more lovable.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir are also quite sweet and adequate. There’s a good variety in meals whether it’s non-vegetarian or vegetarian. The best vegetarian food is prepared by Kashmiri pundits and they use a good amount of ghee and yogurt. The rest of the communities prefers non-vegetarian food and they make some of the very best cuisines with chicken and mutton.

The traditional classical music of Jammu and Kashmir truly reflects the rich culture of the state. Chakri is one of the music forms of Jammu and Kashmir and it indeed a very beautiful form of music. Then there is the most popular music form which is Sufiana and it is a classical music form.

The Dance of Kashmir is also very popular and it is a very distinctive dance form. The Dance of Kashmir is called Dumhal and it is popular in Kashmir valley. The beauty of Jammu and Kashmir is enriched with many beautiful lakes and thick forests. The gorgeous landscape will make you fall in love with this location. Ladakh has some of the most extreme places on the earth, but in the pleasant weather, these places are the most beautiful looking places.

History of Kashmir

The earliest sites Neolithic in the plains flood of the valley of Kashmir date back to three thousand B.C. The most significant of all the sites is the establishment at the Burzahom that consisted of 2 Neolithic as well as 1 Megalithic phase.

Places to visit in Kashmir

There are a lot of places to see in Kashmir and things to do in Kashmir including:


The legendary scenic beauty of Gulmarg, the location, and the closeness to the city of Srinagar makes it one of the most sought after hill stations of India. It was originally known as Gaurimarg by the shepherds. Gulmarg was one of the favorite haunts of the Mughal emperor Jehangir.

Once he collected twenty flowers from here belonging to different varieties. It is not just a mountain station that is extremely beautiful but it even has the world’s highest course of golf located at an altitude of 2,650 meters.


it is located at a confluence of streams that flow from the Lake of Sheshnag and Lidder River. It was a village of the shepherds. Now, it has become a premier destination of India which remains cool most of the time of the year. There are various hotels, lodges here.


a drive to the hill of Sonmarg goes through the valley of Sindh which would give you a spectacular facet of the countryside of Kashmir. It is situated at 2730 M of altitude and has a backdrop of snow-covered mountains. The river Sindh which meanders across the valley is worth witnessing. You can hire ponies for going up the hill.

Leh and Ladakh

Ladakh, That’s among the most adventurous areas in the world. This is one such place that can provide you a complete adventure package in itself. Ladakh has some of the most extreme places on the earth, but in the pleasant weather, these places are the most beautiful looking places. Jammu and Kashmir is a magical experience that shouldn’t be missed at any price.

Rajauri (a place that defines beauty)

The Rajauri district is approximately 154 km away from Jammu. Rajauri is adjacent to Pakistan and so it is a very popular destination. The beautiful destinations in the Rajauri could be visited all around the year because the weather is quite pleasant here. Some Wonderful Areas are Rajauri fort, Balidan Bhavan, Dhanidar Fort, Dehra ki Gali, Thanna Mandi and kotranka Budhal.


This beautiful and large city is surrounded by greenery. This place is a must-visit place for all history lovers because there are many places which have a deep significance in history. You can visit Ramnagar fort, Moungri Cave shrine, pingla Mata, Sudh Mahadev, and Krimachi group.


Popularly called the”town of Sufis”, this gorgeous town is with no doubt one of the greatest places to see in Jammu and Kashmir. The culture of Kathua is very diverse and this place offers something significant to the people from all faiths and religions. Some of the famous places are Jasrota fort and temple, Mata Sundrikote, Mata Bala sundry, Sapt Sarober, Airwan temple, Dream recreational park, Ujh barrage, and maha kali temple in Jasrota.


This gorgeous area is blessed with lush green forests and higher mountain peaks. The attractiveness of this place makes it a must-visit location for all of the tourists. Some high peaks in kupwara are Shamsbari, nastachun, and Dajalonjun. Kupwara has many places which offer Sightseeing opportunity for tourists such as Lolab valley, Kheer Bhawani Asthapan, Hazrat Mahmood Shah Shrine, and Shaloora Shrine.


The authentic experience of Kashmir could be seen in Badgam. You can go trekking and sightseeing in various locations. Some of them are Yusmarg, Sang-e-saved, Pehjan, Nilnag lake, and khag.


Kargil is in the Ladakh region of India and it is a very important place for India. You can get great trekking, rafting, and mountaineering experience here. Some of the popular places are Pensi-la lake, Suru valley, Nun mountain, Mushkoo valley, and Tiger hill.


This place has many sightseeing experiences for you like Nagberan and Shikargarh. The wildlife in Pulwana is also very attractive along with some beautiful lakes like Tarsar lake and Marsar lake.


Adventure in the midst of beautiful nature defines the experience in Doda. You can have various trekking experiences along with visiting some very popular temples.


This place is situated on the Indian-Pakistan border this place has some very great sceneries. Pooch has some beautiful natural lakes along with some popular shrines and temples.


Kokernag, Pahalgam, Verinag, and Daksum are the most popular places in Anantnag. Martand temple is a must-visit place in Anantnag.


This place has many popular places such as Vaishno Devi, Baba Dhanasar, and Shiv Khori. When you visit Jammu and Kashmir, Katra should be definitely visited.


Pantnitop offers a majestic view of the Shivalik Range. The fun activities in Patnitop are also very popular. Gourikund and Kailash Parbat are also very popular among tourists.

Best Time To Visit Jammu And Kashmir

The unique conditions of climate which are found in the area of middle mountains as well as the valley are defined by altitude, and these also determine the level of low temperature and also elevation. Winters in Kashmir are very extreme and if you visit Kashmir in winter then you will miss many awesome places where you won’t be able to visit because of the snowfall.

So the best time to see Jammu And Kashmir is in the summer. In summers, the best months are May, June, and July when the climate is very pleasant. During the season of monsoon, the humidity level is very high. When you visit Kashmir, you should book a houseboat. Actually, the houseboat is a floating house in the lake. This house is very luxurious and the calm water of the lake will give you peace.

There are lots of luxury hotels available to you. Jammu and Kashmir tourism also provide packages to stay to travelers. It is recommended that you already make a hotel booking before you visit Kashmir because in the summer season there are many tourists visiting Kashmir and the hotels fill up very fast. These factors must be considered before seeing Leh and Ladakh also. If you want to experience all the adventure sports that are available in Ladakh then the summer season is the best.

How To Reach Jammu & Kashmir From Delhi

There are thousands of tourists who visit Kashmir every year. I will guide how to reach Jammu and Kashmir. Reaching here is not at all difficult. There is a very well planned and strong system of rail, road, and air, network for reaching Kashmir.

By Air

Air is the most suitable method of attaining J&K. The airport of Srinagar is about 14 kilometers away from the main town & there are regular flights from Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

By Road

Traveling to this beautiful place is even easier by road. The NH1 is the only road of India that is an all climatic conditions road which is maintained by the Border Road Organization. In case there is a landslide or something, the road is still not blocked.

The Border Road Organization makes sure that it remains clear all throughout. Quite a few Deluxe, Semi Deluxe buses operate from all of the significant cities and towns. Thus, if you wish to travel by road, then you can either of these buses.

By Rail

Railways are also a good option for reaching this heaven. Jammu Tawi is the closest railhead which is located at a distance of 305 kilometers from the city of Srinagar.

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