Tamil Nadu Tourism – Best Tourist Places and Time to Visit

Tamil Nadu the 11th largest and 6th most populous state in the Indian Union is also 1st in attracting tourists from foreign countries and other Indian states. The state had a yearly growth rate of 16 percent in tourism. Tamil Nadu had many cultural attractions like temples, UNESCO Heritage Sites, and plenty of natural attractions like Waterfalls, Hill Stations, Beaches, National Parks, and Sanctuaries.

Tamil Nadu is one of the prominent states with rich culture and had a unique place in plenty of fields like Literature, Music, Movies, Festivals, Traditions, Art, Dance, and the Film Industry. The culture of Tamil Nadu had survived millenniums through various empires and kingdoms.

Major Cities in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu had many Urban centers with Chennai had its Capital City, it is also the fourth largest metropolis in India. There are many cities having a population of more than half a million.


Chennai previously known as Madras is having a population of more than 7 million in 2011 and it the capital and IT hub of the State. The city had many attractions for locals and also the outsiders with many shopping malls, amusement parks, and beaches.


Coimbatore the 2nd biggest city in Tamil Nadu also called Manchester of South India because of its growing industrial significance. It is also known for its textile industry and connected to all the major cities and destinations nearby it. Major attractions near Coimbatore are Dhyanalinga temple, Black Thunder Amusement Park, and Siruvani.


Madurai is one of the Ancient cities which have been inhabited for more than 2000 years as a reason it had many cultural and historical destinations. These destinations attract many foreign tourists. The most famous areas are Meenakshi Amman Temple, Thirumalai Mahal, along Koodal Azhagar Temple.


Tiruchirappalli is another city with a historical background, is also known as Trichy. It is having a population of almost a million and had many tourist destinations to visit. Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Rock Fort Temple, and Kallanai Dam are famous destinations.

Tourist Attractions

Tamil Nadu receives the greatest tourists than every other nation with over 5 million overseas tourists each year. The tourist industry is mostly due to its rich history and culture with a lot of other natural places to visit.

Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu


Ooty is the most popular hill station in South India and also had lots of all-natural attractions to go to. The most famous attractions are Ooty Lake, Botanical Gardens, Doddabetta Peak, Rose Gardens, Emerald Lake, Dolphin nose, and Kalhatti Falls. The weather is pleasant throughout the season and summer would be the ideal time to go to.


Kodaikanal is another popular hill station located in the Dindigul district. At an elevation of 2133 meters, it had average temperatures between 20 to 8°c degrees which make it a perfect destination to visit in summer. The famous places to visit are Kodai Lake, Green Valley perspective, Pillar Rocks, along Bear Shola Falls.


Coonoor present in the Nilgiri Hills is another hill station and famous for trekking, waterfalls, and parks.
UNESCO Heritage Sites:
Tamil Nadu’s empires like Pallava and Chola had built many temples which are now listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Even after centuries, they are still intact, and we can find the art, brilliance, and technology of the time.

  • Mahabalipuram
  • Brihadisvara Temple
  • Gangaikonda Cholapuram (Capital od Cholas)
  • Darasuram
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway

These five places are part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites of India in Tamil Nadu.

Beaches in Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu had only 5 notable beaches for tourism even though it had the 2nd largest coastline with 1065 KMs in length and three of them are closest to the capital city Chennai. This is mainly due to the lack of tourist attractions near the coast, and the temperature in the state is very high throughout the year in the coastal areas.

  • These five places are part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites of India in Tamilnadu
  • Marina Beach – one of the longest beaches in the world.
  • Elliot Beach
  • Mahabalipuram Beach
  • Poompuhar Beach
  • Kanniyakumari

Religious Sites in Tamil Nadu

The one major reason why Tamil Nadu receives the highest foreign tourists is the religious sites which have embedded centuries-old cultures, histories, and art. Many find these as exciting and interesting to know and have first had a view of them.

  • Chidambaram
  • Kumbakonam
  • Ervadi
  • Nagore
  • Kancheepuram
  • Kanniyakumari
  • Madurai
  • Palani
  • Rameshwaram
  • Thiruvannamalai
  • Thiruvarur
  • Velankanni

These are the most visited religious sites in the state by foreigners and also from other states of India.

Water Falls in Tamil Nadu

The mountains in the state hold half a dozen waterfalls, some with a breathtaking view. The best time to visit the state if you are interested in seeing the waterfalls is from September to December.

  • Courtallam
  • Hogenakkal Falls
  • Catherine Falls
  • Kiliyur Falls
  • Suruli Falls
  • Tirparappu waterfalls

Courtallam Falls and Hogenakkal Falls are some must-see waterfalls in the state. If you are visiting any hill stations, then you can possibly near one of these.

Sanctuaries and Parks

Even though the state had many forest areas and hills most of them are controlled by the government and are restricted. Some forests are dangerous due to the smugglers. There are only two National parks which you can visit.
Mudumalai National Park
Guindy National Park

Best Time to Visit Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu had diverse tourism, and people have different priorities in visiting the state. Some people would be looking for a honeymoon location in the hill stations, foreigners are mostly interested in the heritage sites, youngsters like to go camping and trekking in the hills, some people like to view the waterfalls.
So we can’t just give a single time frame for people to visit the state. If you are interested in hill stations, the best time would be in summer months, for viewing waterfalls we prefer rainy and winter seasons as the summer would dry the streams, for visiting heritage sites better avoid the rainy season.

How to Reach

Tamil Nadu had 1,80,000 km of the road network, 532 railway stations, and four international and two national Airports. The infrastructure is very well established, any of the transportation modes would do good for people visiting from other states of India, for foreigners Chennai International Airport is best.

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