Famous Places To Enjoy Water Rafting In India

Water rafting is one of the popular sports activities among people of all ages. The main reason behind this
is that it provides you the opportunities full of adventure.

What is river rafting?

River rafting is basically a water sport that employs a rubber boat in order to navigate the river. There are normally six levels in river rafting, where level 6 represents the hardest level.

Some safety tips

However, in this enjoyment, it is also important that we should not forget the basics of rafting safety tips. Some of the safety tips which should be followed in this adventure are as given below –

  • River rafting in India is considered as one of the popular water sports and therefore you can easily find a large number of options for white water rafting, however, it is also important to keep this factor in your mind. It is important for too old or too young people should avoid this sport at the advanced levels since it is basically a strenuous activity.
  • It’s also crucial that you shouldn’t underestimate the skills of your guide.
  • In addition to this that if you think that you are not a good swimmer, then you should not go river rafting unless you are not a good swimmer.
  • The next thing which you should keep in mind for rafting play in India is that you should do complete research before hiring any type of rafting services.
  • Make sure that the service you are hiring should be well certified and licensed for river rafting.
  • Wearing the appropriate clothes during this sport is also beneficial since you are supposed to get wet in this sport. Therefore, you can wear an appropriate size or, helmets and life jackets.

List of Famous Places To Enjoy Water Rafting In India

River rafting in Manali

In Manali, you can find a wide range of services for white river rafting. The water rafting in Manali can be done on the river Beas which is approximately at a distance of four kilometers from Kullu. Moreover, the experience of rafting in this place is very entertaining for an individual. Moreover, at this place, you can also enjoy class iv rafting in Manali also.

The rafting in Manali is initiated from Pirdi approximately from 10 am. Therefore, if you are staying in Manali, then it is important that you should start from Manali from 8 am and free your full-day since this activity will take on your full day.

River rafting in Rishikesh

River rafting in Rishikesh can be an unforgettable experience for an individual. Annually there are a high amount of folks come here to enjoy this experience? Here you can enjoy a large number of options since you can enjoy the different levels of water rafting however it depends on the training as well as the capability of an individual. The basic rafting in the place generally is initiated from the Brahmpuri which is located approximately nine kilometers from the Hrishikesh.

Rafting in Dharamshala

The principal credit for the prevalence of river rafting at Dharamshala proceeds never to end and intense excitement of untamed rivers. In addition, the rivers at the upper Himalayas are thought of as one of the greatest lakes in the world for rafting. It is highly recommended that if you are a newbie in rafting then you should undergo proper training before you go rafting in these rivers. Moreover, is also advisable to never go alone for rafting in these rivers. It is possible to pick the course based on your preference and skill.

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

For all the adventure sports lovers there is one place in Madhya Pradesh that acts as a perfect spot and it called as Orchha. There are many adventure sports that can be explored in Orchha and Rafting is another such popular adventure sport quite popular in this region. As you go rafting on the popular River Betwa, you will be captured at the sights of a variety of monuments aligned crosswise with the River Betwa.

Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir

Yes, you heard it right! Ladakh is not the place for biking buffs, hikers, and mountaineers. The exciting area has more to offer you. The rafting play can easily be enjoyed at Chadar Trek, on the popular Zanskar river, during the period between July and August.

Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Tourists from all over India and in fact from the rest of the world can be seen flocking this place for the real taste of adventure. River rafting in Kullu is full of adventure and river Beas is perfect for this adventure sport. While on the way to Kullu there are some perfect spots that are ideal for Rafting and along with Rafting one can also book a camping package.

Kolad, Maharashtra

If you are planning to go Rafting in Kolad on River Kundalika, then it is advised to search for good options over the internet as there are many custom made adventure packages that are available. Rafting is an adventure sport and it involves little harsh conditions and hence it must be done under proper guidance and supervision.

Yamuna River

The Yamuna is a major as well as a popular center of river rafting in the country that provides an opportunity to make the most of the special activity to both novice and expert rafters. It consists of two main stretches comprising Yamuna Bridge to Juddo and the other one is Nainbagh to Juddo. Amongst these two, Nainbagh to Judo is the most idealistic to get pleasure from this special play.

Teesta River, Sikkim and Darjeeling

The popular river of Sikkim in Darjeeling offers a wide range of opportunities to people who are interested in adventurous sports like rafting. Rocky and the striking walling turn it one of the top-notch spots for this popular sport.

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