Sikkim Tourism find best places to visit in sikkim

Sikkim Tourism

sikkim tourism

Sikkim Tourism

Sikkim is a small state placed in the northeast part of India.

The state becomes beautiful with its bordering nations like Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Sikkim is one of the smallest states in India with very less population. Tourism appreciated in this state.

One of the positive points of Sikkim is its biodiversity. The natural atmosphere with greeneries all around attracts people to visit this state.

Population Of Sikkim

The population statistics will always change. The survey is conducted every year to provide the nearest figure of the population within the state. As per the statistical report published in the year 2011, the state had the people of 6.074 lakh (approx.). A rise observed in the year 2015. The figure of the population rose to 6.37 lakh (approx.). The year 2016 has seen another slight increase in population pressure. Yes, it has reached the figure of 6.44 lakh (approx.).

Languages In Sikkim

Most of the people in Sikkim speak Nepali. You can say it is the colloquial language of the state. But, there are several other languages spoken by people staying in different areas of Sikkim. There are Lepcha, Bhutia, and people with additional background. There is a list of words spoken over here. Some of them are Limbu, Majhi, Tamang, Tibetian, Yakha, Groma, Gurung, etc.

Sikkim Tourism

The tiny state of Sikkim filled with flora and fauna. The hills and greeneries are what the city people miss. Sikkim divided into several parts based on direction.

The beautiful places and places to visit in Sikkim are Rumtek, Yuksom- Zongri trekking, Pelling, Gangtok, Mirik, China border, etc. Visitors say, in Sikkim every place is a tourist spot. You can customize your destination while traveling throughout the roadway. There are great water bodies where you can step down and enjoy. You can also view various Buddhist monasteries over here.

The honeymoon is the best stage of life when the pairs need privacy from the crowd, and the state is one such spot, which could be the top notch place to know each other away from the hectic city life. The beautiful exquisiteness of the state, the tranquility and pure feeling of the religious residences and stupas and flora and fauna, handiworks, etc. turn the honeymoon package the perfectly balanced one.

The pairs who are in search of more adventure can choose trekking, mountaineering, parasailing, river rafting, fishing or archery. Sikkim has got beautiful plants and animals for the nature buffs.

The Climatic Conditions Of Sikkim –

Sikkim is one of the beautiful places in India. Sikkim is a part of Bengal which lies in the northeast region of the country.

The people living in metro cities wish to stay away from traffic and pollution within such big cities. A small hill station will always attract them. Sikkim is one among such hill stations where people wish to come back repeatedly.

The state’s geographical location with its altitudinal variation permits it to have tropical, temperate and alpine climatic situations within its small region of 7,096 kilometers. Rainfall is profound and well dispersed during the periods from May to early October. July is said to be the wettest period in the majority of the places. Fog is a general trait in the complete state from May to September.

Biting cold experienced at higher altitudes of 10,000 ft plus. The warmth rarely rises over 15-degree centigrade, and heavy snowfall happens during the winter season. Some also get snowfall in April or mid-November.

1. Cold Weather period: December February
2. Spring period: March to May
3. South-West torrential rain: June to September
4. Phase of receding Monsoon: October to November

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Places To Visit In Sikkim –

Yumthang Valley

This valley indeed is one of the beautiful spots in entire Sikkim. You can see two faces of this valley in two seasons. If you visit during winter, i.e., November until Feb, you will get the place covered with snow, the transparent water body in the middle and hills from all the sides. During summer, the valley filled with colorful flowers.

You can visit Yumthang Valley from March to June; the weather is pleasant these days.


Gangtok is the city which is capital city of Sikkim. Tourists visit this place from the distance to have a look at its beautiful sceneries. You will be able to explore the lush forest, mountain peak, and other adventurous activities.

Best time to visit Gangtok October to June


Jorethang is one of the important town/ city in the southern part of Sikkim. Jorethang is the primary marketplace of the state. People staying in other parts of Sikkim come to buy grocery items, handicrafts, perishable goods, etc.


Rangpo is the town in Sikkim famous for the New Sikkim railway project. Rangpo is an industrial city with the scope of trade and commerce, ample range of education is also present here for kids and higher secondary students.

Tsomgo Lake

This place is just 38km away from Sikkim’s capital. Do you know what the specialty of this lake is? It is situated high up of 12,400ft from the plain. It is one of the highest lakes in India.


Pelling is the place in Sikkim where you can see the Himalayan ranges easily. From the windows of most of the houses in Pelling, you can see the Kanchenjunga peak. You can see many waterfalls and activities.


You can also visit the Mangan city in Sikkim to see the scenic beauty and attractions of the state. There is a history of this town. The Buddhist monasteries are the result of the blessing of Guru Rinpoche with Buddhism.


Lacheen is a beautiful city in Sikkim that is famous for snowcapped mountains and peak of the housetop. Tourists come to Lacheen valley to see the snow-covered places. It is a small town with Bhutia tribes.


Melli is another small city in the state of Sikkim. Melli is also a hub of shopping. There is a surprising feature of this town. It lies in two states. One part is in Sikkim and another in West Bengal. Both connected with a bridge called Jawaharlal Nehru Bridge.


Ravangla is one of the beautiful city in the hill station that lies between Tendong hills and Maenam. Ravangla lies in the southern part of Sikkim. You can see the beauty of nature over here.


Namchi is again a town lies in the south part of Sikkim. You can find many schools in this area. Namchi bazar is the best place for shopping in Sikkim. You can enjoy the snacks Momo over here.

Jawharlal Nehru Botanical garden

If you are nature and plant lover, this is the place you must visit. You can find some of the rarest species of plant in this garden.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

The structure of this institute will surprise you. People admitted in this institute to learn about the Buddhist tradition and culture.


Gurodongmar is famous for the lake associated with this place. The freshwater lake will make you spellbound. Yes, the water is crystal clear over here. It lies 17,800 ft above.

Rumtek Monastery

The Rumtek Monastery is one of the beautiful monasteries in Sikkim. The monastery has golden color painted at its peak. The oldest monastery is one of the tourist spots.


Lachung is another beautiful valley in Sikkim which you can explore. Lachung is one of the famous snow destination in Sikkim. You will be spellbound to see its beauty.

How To Reach Sikkim –

Hordes of tourists visit the place every year. Reaching here is not at all problematic. There is a very well planned and stable system of rail, road, and air, a network for reaching Sikkim.

By Air

Air is the most convenient way of reaching Sikkim. The airport of Gangtok is about 124 kilometers away from Bagdogra, West Bengal & there are regular flights from Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.

From the airfield, you can take on a shared cab or a private means of transportation, which will take you to Gangtok in about 2 hours. The journey from Bagdogra to Gangtok is theatrical with beautiful peaks and River Teesta as your background.

From Bagdogra, West Bengal, you can also hire a TSA jet to reach Gangtok in around 20 minutes. But, their services hinge upon the climate conditions.

By Road

The state linked to Siliguri, the shortest and nearest to the state. The distance is approximately 114 kilometers.

Darjeeling, a well-known hill station in the state of West Bengal, is also linked to the state of Sikkim. One can take taxi’s, buses or take on cars with drivers. The rough way well preserved. The idea is quietly stunning, and the Teesta river run on one side, and the other hand is abundant green mountains. As you reach nearer to Gangtok, you will discover stunning multi-colored blossoms, which would point the way to the town mainly during spring.

By Rail

Railways are also a good option for reaching this heaven. The connecting railroad terminal to Gangtok is around 148 kilometers away in New Jalpaiguri in the city of Siliguri. The station well associated with big towns such as Kolkata and the national capital.

From New Jalpaiguri, you can hire a cab to Gangtok or reach Siliguri Bus Station and take a public bus to Gangtok that will take you to your destination in around 5 to 6 hour period.