Best Summer Destinations to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

Summers are the best time for people to take a gap from work and go on a tour as the schools are closed for the children, and it’s really hot outside. It’s very difficult to find places to visit in summer as the heat will only dry you up quickly. So the best places to visit are mostly hill spots which are cool and have many natural attractions. Even though Andhra Pradesh has many tourist destinations to visit most of them are not good to visit in summer. So we have listed the best summer destinations to visit in Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley:

Situated at nearly 910 meters over sea level Araku Valley is among the most favored tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. Transportation to the valley is mainly through the railways, and it had two hill stations to land. Araku Valley is almost cool throughout the year making it the best summer place to visit.

There are lots of places to explore in a total of five valleys with caves, waterfalls, breath-taking scenery, coffee plantations, and more. Infrastructure is also good enough in the valley with hotels, resorts, guides, and public transport. Major tourist attractions are Borra Caves, Tribal Museum, Sangda Waterfalls, and Anantagiriwaterfalls.


Vishakapatnam or Vizag is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh and also a major tourist attraction. The city is connected by National Highways, Airport, and Railways, even public transport is very well organized with city buses and excellent roads. There are many tourist attractions one shouldn’t miss in the city as it is filled with beaches, ports, parks, museums, and holy places.

The most famous attractions are Kailasagiri, Lighthouse, INS Kursura Submarine Museum, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, RK, and bheemili beaches. Araku Valley as we mentioned above is located just 114km kilometers from the city. The climate of the city is a bit hot in the summer but not hot enough to spoil your mood to enjoy.


Tirumala, as we know, is the adobe of the Lord Venkateshwara and is almost visited on pilgrimage in the country with devotees from all over the country. Tirumala is not only a pilgrimage destination but also had plenty of tourist attractions. Since Tirumala is a group of seven hills, the temperatures are low throughout the year, and it is pleasant in summer.

As the hills are considered to belong to the god Venkateshwara most of the tourist destinations are associated with the god. The security and restrictions are very high in the hills where you are not allowed to carry alcohol, tobacco products, and NonVegetarian food. Major attractions in Tirumala are Deer Park, Silathoranam, Papavinasam, Akasa Ganga, TTD Garden, and Sri Venkateshwara Museum.

Horsley Hills:

Horsley Hills are a series of hills located in the south of Andhra Pradesh and is one of the popular tourist places. As it is located closer to Tamilnadu and Karnataka people from these states also visit the destination. The best suitable transportation is by road and preferably by their own vehicle if a family. The closest town is Tirupati, along the closest international airport is currently in Bangalore.

The temperature in the hills is between 35 to 22°c in summer which is a pleasant temperature to enjoy. The peak months are from Feb to May. Major places to visit in the Horsley Hills are View Point, Wind Rocks, Horsley Zoo, Gangotri Laka, and Horsley museum.


Located 100 km from Vizag and 1000 meters above sea level Lambasingi is one of the best places for an exotic summer retreat. The temperature may drop as low as in winters and 10 to 20°c in summer. Lambasingi is also known as Kashmir of Andhra due to its low temperatures. The stream of tourists is growing annually since the temperatures are climbing tremendously in the nation. If you are in Vizag in summer, then you shouldn’t mix the opportunity to visit this place and enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills.

Nallamala Hills:

Nallamala Hills located in the Eastern Ghats surrounded by very dense forests and a good place to visit in summer. Many lakes, waterfalls, temples, and interesting locations are present inside the hills. Srisailam dam is present on the Krishna river in the Nallamala hills. Major tourist attractions are Cumbum Lake, Mallelatheertham Waterfalls, Srisailam temples, Sanctuary. The nearest town is Ongole and is connected by road.


Papukondalu is a good attraction for nature-loving people. People will be traveling by boat on the river Godavari surrounded by the Papi hills or Papikondalu in Telugu. Nearby townsareBhadrachalam and Rajahmundrywhich had a good local attraction to visit. The locations don’t have good infrastructure or facilities. Therefore, if you’re planning a longer trip make all of the arrangements ahead. It is a good place to visit for children, youngsters as you will be required to walk many kilometers in some places.

Nagari Hills:

Nagari Hills is situated on the border of Andhra and Tamil Nadu and had an elevation of 900 meters above sea level. The temperature in the summer varies between 37 to 25°c and is famous for picnic and trekking. Nearby attractions are Kaundinya Sanctuary, Gurramkonda fort. The nearest city is Tirupati and the hills are connected by road. Nagari Hills is a one-time destination to visit in summer, even though it doesn’t have plenty of attractions there are many scenic views to enjoy with friends and as a family.

These eight best summer destinations to visit in Andhra Pradesh are the most preferred and visited places in Andhra Pradesh for summer. All the mentioned above places are natural locations with caves, forests, hilly terrain, waterfalls, and scenic beauty. If you believe any summertime destination is lacking in the guide, let us know in the comments.

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